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This post is basically old news by now, since it concerns stuff that happened a month ago, but since I was chipping away at it for a while, I didn’t want to just trash it. This is about my first impressions of my job, Christmas and (briefly) NYE 2009. It’s a pretty long post, so pull up a chair and pour yourself a nice glass of lemonade. Maybe take a break and do a crossword puzzle if you get tired. **Bonus points to anyone who knows the significance of this post’s title.**



Don’t Stop Believin’

When you are granted the opportunity to karaoke on a hungover Sunday afternoon, you do not pass it up.


I Think Ur A Contra

This post will concern a few smaller items rather than one large, important event. Longer posts are on the way.


Black Like Me

“Oh, my gatos!”

After only about a week or two of saying that out loud in the classroom, I have one of the kids who now says it all the time and has completely forgotten the phrases “Oh, my goodness!” and “Oh, my god!” Priceless. Since I didn’t have an introduction to this short, hilarious story, I figured that titillating little anecdote would do just fine.



One of the most exciting parts of being a new parent must be choosing your child’s name. Although I have yet to do this (due to numerous abortions, of course – ZING, pro-life community!), I enjoyed a similar experience as an English teacher in Korea. Whenever a new child is added to a class and has not been given an English name, the teacher is responsible for choosing one. This afternoon, I was lucky enough to receive three new students to a class that originally just had two. SinceĀ I didn’t know they were joining my class until actually opening the door and seeing them in the room, I did not have much time to come with anything too creative for them. But I had some kind of a plan.


Where You Go I Go Too

A week or so after I’d moved to Guro, my friend from KU, Mike Pinnell, took Lou and me out for some food and some drinks. We ate closer to where he lives (the name of the district escapes me now) at a chicken restaurant. Spicy chicken, pieces of rice cake, onions, peppers, and other vegetables are heated on a grill in the middle of the table and then scooped out, placed in leaves of lettuce, and eaten in large bites. Delicious. It was a filling and spicy dinner that was the perfect prelude to a Friday night. After the meal, we made our way up the street to a special bar dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend: Sting.

Me and The Man Himself.


Orange You Glad

New pillows.

Disoriented from a lack of sleep (yet again; this time because of having to prepare for the final mock teaching of training), I was dispensed from Gangnam by taxi with my new friend Annah and on my way to the Geumchon district of Seoul to find my school on Friday night, 2009/12/04.