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Mike Hunt

What an amusing post title! Today after work, my three Korean, female co-workers and I were talking about swear words in the English language. This scene was the result of Aaron, the other American kindergarten teacher, and I talking to one of the girls, Chloe, earlier in the day and telling her some choice English phrases she could use to express frustration and anger at the workplace: It’s fucked up! or This is shitty! I also taught Chloe how to call Aaron an asshole.



Go Long

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Do you know why my ankles are bound in gauze? – Joanna Newsom

Joanna’s are because she is the greatest poet, songwriter, artist, woman, well, hell, let’s just say thing, ever. Mine are because I just ran forty-two kilometers in the Seoul Marathon. Actually, my ankles are fine. I’m just bad at introductions. Let me give you a list of creeped out women’s names from my phone as references. Anyhow…