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Our school has an 아줌마 (ajumma, an old woman; both the Hangul and romanization are probably horrendous — too bad!) who cleans the place for us each night and throughout the day. I have some thoughts on her.




My photography while abroad has been pretty scattershot (no pun intended). I will spend some days taking many pointless pictures, while others I will take a photo and forget that my camera is in my pocket altogether. So, I’ve decided to just throw a whole slew of pictures I’ve taken in the past few months up on here and let you sort ’em out. I accidentally deleted a bunch of photos, so there are not as many old ones. They come from two events, one being a hockey game we went to in Anyang (south of Seoul). The home team, the Anyang Halla, ended up winning 10-2 against the unskilled and weak-willed Chinese opponent. The second event was a Sunday when Lou and I decided to be at least semi-touristy, and we visited the Deoksugung Palace grounds near City Hall and walked around the city in the snow for a little. The weather was bitterly cold — just like our attitudes toward one another! (There might be a random picture or two in there, but, you know, whatever.)

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I Am Made Of Chalk

Lou and I got into a pillow fight at the bar after we attended International Pillow Fight Day a few weeks ago. Proof: