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Nacho Average Korean Meal

As a lifelong connoisseur of Taco Bell and all its quasi-Mexican fineries, I was elated to learn that, after an eight-month drought, I would be able to satisfy my unrelenting (and, I guess, unrefined) hunger in Seoul. While Koreans were previously able to run for the border (probably not an appropriate slogan for them around these parts), the city has been absent this dirty franchise for the past four or five years. It has finally returned after months of promises and delays.



Wasp Nest

Well, once again, I have a piece of fiction to share. If you only want real-life bullshit, sorry, it’s just fake bullshit for now. I might try to put up something about going back to the US, or something about visiting Seoul’s brand new Taco Bell, but we’ll see. Anyhow, here ya go: