My name is Mike Dent. I am an American (Patriot American! (Just kidding.)) from Kansas City, now teaching children their English verbs and nouns in Seoul, South Korea. I like to write stories, read books, listen to music, and run long distances. My favorite things in the world are irony and my own terrible sense of humor.


Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. Mike-

    Get a job grouch/When are you coming home? I’m dieing to hear the Muffin Joke. I’ll get my Skype going, and we can video chat. I bet you have long hair like your Liberal Lawrence counterparts.


  2. Meeklay-

    I have a few shirts for you that i have outgrown, due to my growing up and things. So… your probably going to have to come by my place and get them… when are you coming back, ive got whiskey to drink and stories to hear- and lies to tell.
    (ill keep my skype on when im home)

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